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Winning House Team

Junior Road Safety Officers

A JRSO is a pupil, chosen by the children Year 5, who promotes road safety to pupils, parents, and the whole school community.  At SMPS we have two JRSO.  They work with a named adult from the school staff and their local Road Safety Officer.


Being a JRSO is a very important job, but it’s also really good fun.

Throughout the year you could be involved in lots of activities.

  • Maintaining a notice board and making sure the road safety information is up to date
  • Talking in an Assembly or in Class on road safety themes
  • Arranging competitions
  • Awarding certificates
  • Using the JRSO website
  • Even helping to appoint next year’s JRSO

Why I want to become a JRSO

I would like to encourage everyone in school and in the community to use roads safely. I would enjoy making displays of road safety information, and updating it regularly to keep them interesting.  I use the roads properly and would encourage others to do so.  I would love organising road safety events such as school assembly’s and competitions.

I will answer any questions you have about safety and if I don’t know the answer I will find it out for you.  I am very friendly and enjoy talking to people out and inside of school.


Why I want to become a JSRO by Eliza


Our JRSO 1

JRSO support team

JRSO support team 1
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