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Winning House Team


How we teach Maths


We aim to develop pupil’s enjoyment of mathematics through a variety of practical activities, exploration and discussion. Pupils are given the opportunities to use a wide range of resources, models and images to develop their conceptual understanding of mathematics and their ability to reason mathematically. We also recognise the importance of mathematical fluency and use a range of strategies to support children in learning key instant recall facts in school and at home. We believe that mathematics is essential to everyday life and encourage our pupils to apply their skills to a range of real life situations both in mathematics lessons and across the curriculum. Through practical activities children discover ways of solving problems and thinking logically whilst working in a systematic and accurate manner. They are encouraged to communicate their ideas and understanding using appropriate mathematical vocabulary by working both individually and in collaboration with others.


We use Abacus as a basis for planning discrete mathematics lessons and for setting weekly homework. Adults working with the children, constantly assess their understanding, achievement and progress through observation, questions, informal and formal testing and the marking and evaluation of work. These assessments are used to inform day-to day teaching and planning and provide feedback for children.

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