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Winning House Team

Winning House Team


Please bring anything with you when you can return to school, or upload pictures and information onto Tapestry throughout the time!

Suggested ideas for our current half term theme ‘Long, Long Ago’ (Kings, Queens and Castles)-

  • Build a model of a castle using recycled materials, including labels of the features. 

  • Bake or cook food that might have been served at a Royal Banquet in the medieval times (try to read the recipe and measure out the ingredients)

  • Draw and label a picture of your family tree and compare it to the family tree of the current royal family. 

  • Write a story based on a Fairy tale that includes castles


Phonics and Reading

  • Keep practising Phase 2, 3 and 4 sounds and tricky words (please use resources handed out at parents evening)

  • Keep reading!

  • Websites to support reading and phonics (free eBooks to read)



  • Write a review of our trip to ‘Sir Scallywag’

  • Write a letter to Polly (Sir Scallywag)

  • Write as creatively as you can- stories or story plans inspired by books you read 

  • Write a new ending to a story you know really well



  • Use resources to show number bonds to 10 and representing numbers 0-15

  • Know your number bond facts to 10 off-by- heart

  • Practise doubling and halving

  • Practise maths in everyday activities (reading the time, paying with money, measuring height, length, weight, shapes)


Suggested ideas for our new theme ‘Superheroes-People who help us’

  • Write a fact booklet about the jobs that people you know have and what their job entails  

RE - Easter activities e.g. design an Easter egg, read the Easter story, rewrite the Easter story, draw a picture of the Easter story