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Winning House Team

ReflectED - Metacognition project

We are excited to share that our school will be taking part in a national research project called ReflectED - an approach to learning that teaches and develops children’s metacognition skills.

Metacognition is known as ‘thinking about thinking’ or ‘learning about learning’, and previous studies have shown that teaching learners how to think about their own learning more explicitly has a significant impact on their progress.

The ReflectED approach involves weekly metacognition lesson for every year group that teach children how to break down the learning process, including topics such as growth mindset, learning from mistakes and target setting. Alongside this children learn how to reflect on their curriculum lessons, saving these reflections in a digital portfolio using SeeSaw. These reflections will include looking at what helped them learn, any mistakes they made and what they can do to improve.  We hope that this will further support our pupils in becoming confident, independent learners.

We will be using four ‘performance tag colours’ to talk about our learning when we reflect and in the classroom. You can also use these when talking to children about their learning at home.

Red - I don’t understand anything about this (yet)

Yellow - I understand a little bit but need some help

Green - I understand the learning and can do this independently

Blue - I am confident enough at this to coach someone else

We will be teaching children how to accurately assess their progress and emphasising that it is ok to be any of the colours - if we are feeling red or yellow we need to work out strategies to help us to feel green. If we are feeling green we can deepen our understanding of something by coaching others and becoming blue.

The ReflectED Approach was developed by Rosendale Primary School in South London. The trial has been funded by independent grant-making charity The Education Endowment Foundation.

You can watch a short video about the project here

If you would like more information about the trial, please check out the background and links to previous studies on the ‘About’ section of
We will be sending out information later in the term about how you can support the project and the development of a growth mindset at home. In the meantime, you can follow the project on Twitter @reflect_ED

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