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Winning House Team

Winning House Team

STAR Alliance


The Sherburn, Tadcaster and Rural Alliance - commonly known as the STAR Alliance - is a partnership of primary and secondary schools dedicated to sharing our many skills and our wide experiences, while capitalising on our highly talented staff and making the most of the capacity we have to support, help and improve learning and achievement for all our students.


All seventeen of our schools have unique characteristics, strengths and ethos, and we believe that this should remain the case, but we equally firmly believe that we are as an Alliance morally responsible for all the students, staff and communities that form part of this group, not just those enrolled in our individual schools. We are committed to the concept of “acts of kindness” where Alliance schools freely share resources, time and expertise to further enhance the life experiences and overall outcomes for all our students.


Given the large geographic scale of the Local Authority of North Yorkshire, working together in this way also ensures a more tailor-made approach to the specific requirements of our locality and will ensure a more effective approach to improving each student’s learning path. It will enable us to share strategic plans and plan collaboratively to meets the needs of our local community. Who better placed to be able to identify the needs of the schools in the Alliance, and our key priorities, than those working everyday with our students? Together we can work more effectively with other agencies in our locality and collectively be in a stronger position when commissioning specific projects.


The most powerful change and development comes when it is led from within; with the altruistic commitment of our STAR schools we are excited about we can offer all our students and the heights they can achieve.


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