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Winning House Team

Winning House Team

Friday 29th March - Red

Young Voices 2018-19

Songs and lyrics.

Lyric videos. 

Song 1: Thank you for the days

Song 2: Moana mashup

Song 3: Fight song

Song 4: A little can change

Song 5: Any dream will do

Song 6: An American folk odyssey

Song 7: It's a swing thing

Song 8: You gotta be (chorus)

Song 8: You gotta be (to the end)

Song 9: We are the world

Song 10: Viva la vida

Song 11: Tonight belongs to us

Song 12: Pop medley

Song 13: Greatest showman part 1

Song 14: Greatest showman part 2

Song 15: Greatest showman part 3

Watch us performing our Children In Need dance: