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Winning House Team

Winning House Team

About the STAR MAT



South Milford Primary School is an academy. It is part of the Sherburn Tadcaster and Rural Multi-Academy Trust - known as the STAR MAT.  The STAR MAT was formed in 2018.


The STAR MAT currently comprises nine primary schools and two secondary schools, all in the Sherburn and Tadcaster area.  


Ian Yapp, the STAR MAT's chief education officer, says:

There has been a strong tradition of collaboration between our 11 partner schools for many years which culminated in the establishment of the STAR Teaching School Alliance in 2016 and then the STAR Multi Academy Trust (STAR MAT) was ‘born’ in May 2018.

Our Trust is an exciting venture which allows us to strengthen our existing partnerships still further. We have chosen to form a Trust of local schools for the following reasons:

  • Of significance within our Trust aims and values are wellbeing and safeguarding.
  • We want our pupils and students to achieve even better outcomes and for all of our pupils to receive an outstanding education.
  • We are near enough to each other to build a strong local partnership
  • Together we want to provide greater opportunities for recruiting new staff
  • At a time of reduced funding in schools, our formal partnership can more easily achieve ‘better value’ and financial stability
  • We will work together to support – and challenge – each other


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Articles of Association, which includes the Memorandum of Association

Articles of Association, which includes the Memorandum of Association 


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The STAR Multi Academy Trust

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