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Winning House Team



Here at South Milford Primary School, we aim to develop a lifelong love of reading. In order to do this, children are encouraged to read a wide variety of genres; they have access to reading materials through a well-resourced library and are immersed in a text-rich school environment. We intend that our pupils will be both independent and reflective readers who can read fluently and for meaning. We aim that children use a variety of reading skills to enable them to access all other areas of the curriculum. We aim to bring reading to life through structured comprehension sessions, music, drama and performance. As children’s reading develops at different rates, teaching is tailored to each child and their ability. Children will be exposed to and immersed in texts through guided reading, 1:1 reads, shared texts and through listening for enjoyment. Children are encouraged to read a range of books in school and at home, and communication between staff and parents is encouraged. 


At South Milford Primary School we believe that by providing children with a multitude of real and exciting stimuli, we will inspire them to become confident, capable and enthusiastic writers. We encourage children to read their work for enjoyment, to read it aloud to others and provide an audience for writing. They will use writing to express themselves and communicate with others and will write independently for a range of purposes. They will reflect on their own and others’ writing and have an understanding that writing has a real purpose and that word choice and style can bring about change.

We teach children to write using the Martin Harvey ISHA program from the beginning of their time at SMPS.  We believe that good presentation skills are important as we want children to value their own work and for others to do the same. By introducing and teaching a consistent script from Early Years, our aim is for children to be able to focus upon the content of their writing from Year Two onwards rather than on the mechanics of handwriting. 

We aim for our children to develop a clearly formed handwriting script that they are proud of.

Speaking and Listening

English is at the heart of all learning. It enables us to communicate with others effectively and for a variety of purposes. At South Milford Primary School, we believe that the ability to both speak and listen well is essential for children to be able to articulate their feelings, opinions and ideas. Alongside this, valuing thoughts and views of others, treating them with respect and integrity is a vital part of their lifelong learning.

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