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Winning House Team

Winning House Team

Friday 29th March - Red

Year 5

In Class 5 we are proud of our open, honest learning environment, we know we all have a part to play and we have lots of fun along the way. We know success is not a destination, it’s a journey and we work as a tight knit team supporting and encouraging each other day in and day out to achieve success. We love learning new concepts and see mistakes as a chance to discover something new because every expert was once a beginner. We know the importance of having a positive attitude and we especially love rising to challenges because we know ‘if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.’

Class Teacher: Miss L Bee

Teaching Assistant: Mrs L Robertshaw

Strings: Strings lessons are every Wednesday. Please remind your children to take their instrument home to practise so that they can progress over the year.

PE Kit:

Please ensure indoor and outdoor PE kit is in school from Monday to Friday and all items are clearly named. PE will usually be on Tuesday and Friday unless you are notified otherwise.

PE kit expectations: white top, dark hoody, dark jogging bottoms, dark shorts, trainers. Please speak to a member of staff if you have any problems sourcing parts of the PE kit.


Spellings come home on a Friday and the test will take place the following Wednesday. Children will be given a maximum of 10 spellings to learn using ‘spelling frame’ and ‘Year 5/6 Common Exception words’. This is to ensure over the year children are learning the spelling rules and strategies but also applying them within their work. Please encourage children to use the strategies taught in ‘spelling frame’.

Maths facts:

Maths facts come home on Friday and children will be tested the following Friday. As a class, children will talk through strategies and quick ways to work out the Maths facts prior to it being sent home. If children need any extra support with their Maths facts they must let a member of staff know so they can help.


It is important children read regularly at home to an adult. Please ensure you sign your child’s reading record any time reading takes place so it can be noted when Guided Reading takes place. Discussing the text and asking your child questions will help develop their comprehension skills. If you need any advice on this, please speak to a member of staff. Please encourage children to read a variety of non-fiction and fiction texts if it is possible e.g. Newspapers, poetry, letters.


This year your child will be engaged in a range of subject areas.

As a historian they will take on the role of a WW2 child and Titanic survivor. They will deliberate and debate who is to blame for the sinking of the Titanic.

As a geographer children will understand and compare key aspects of physical and human geography. They will be given the opportunity to use map skills, atlases and digital mapping and grid references.

As a scientist children will investigate animals and forces including air resistance and friction. They will identify how evaporation and condensation affect the water cycle.

As an artist children will design their own Anderson shelter and sketch the Titanic using a range of shading and texture techniques to enhance their design.

As an active participant children will learn and develop skills built up over the years and adapt these skills both independently and in the context of team games.

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