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Covid-19 - Coronavirus

Coronavirus Update  17.03.20

Following the Prime Minister's public address yesterday evening, I am writing to you with the updates on how the new proposed measures may now affect you. As the  information we are receiving is changing day to day, we will endeavour to keep you fully updated when any further information we receive. 

As a parent/carer, you now need to take the following decisions:

  •  if you believe your child to be at a heightened risk of exposure, please act accordingly and self-isolate them. We have a special registration code meaning any absence in this instance is authorised.

  • If your child exhibits a cough or a high temperature, do not send them to school.  The child and the rest of the family, who reside in the home, must self-isolate for a period of 14 days.

As school is open, we do expect only those children who are at heightened risk or those exhibiting identified symptoms (and their siblings) not to attend school. Everyone else should attend.

Everyone has been advised  to avoid public gatherings, restaurants, pubs, etc., however  it has been clearly stated that schools will remain open. We will follow this guidance until:

  • we are directed to close the school 

  • we are unable to operate safely due to child/staff ratios

The Prime Minister also stated yesterday, that even in households where no one is currently exhibiting symptoms, all 'unnecessary contact' and 'unnecessary travel' must cease. The steps we have already taken, following the directive from STARMAT on Friday have addressed this.  

We are working hard to establish an area on the school’s website for children to access during periods of isolation or in the event of school closing.  Staff are uploading tasks and activities that link to current topics and future learning. Year 6 has been provided with an alternative way of accessing learning set by Mrs Wright. 

Please find these here

Kind regards

Mrs Melanie Lawrence

Coronavirus update 17/3/20

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