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Winning House Team

Winning House Team

Friday 29th March - Red

Year 4

Welcome to Class 4

Welcome to class 4! In our class, we aspire to be confident and enthusiastic learners who strive to take on challenges with a positive growth mind set. We thrive as both individuals and as a team and seek to be the best we can be, always. Our class is a fantastic community where we support each other and help each other to grow and shine.

Staff Team

Class Teacher: Mrs Houlden

Class TAs: Mrs Jackson and Mrs Cussans


Class 4 love PE! We have a very enthusiastic sporting class who thoroughly enjoy all aspects of PE, whether indoor or outdoor!

Please can you ensure your class 4 superstar has both indoor and outdoor kits with them (warm for this time of year) with outdoor shoes included.

School PE kits includes:

White t shirt

Blue Shorts

Blue Joggers/Leggings

Blue hoody/zipped jumper



We do strive to continue our sessions whatever the weather. We ask that PE is brought in on a Monday and taken home on a Friday. Our usual PE days are Tuesday and Friday, however, we do like to make sure the children are prepared, just in case the timetable changes.



We aim to deliver child-led learning through our topic work. At the beginning of the academic year, the children stated they would like to learn more about space, along with a multitude of other exciting ideas.

Therefore, after Christmas, the children will be diving into their new topic ‘To Infinity and Beyond’. We will have a Science/ICT focus where space, light and coding will be at the heart of our topic. The children will be exploring space through the eyes of astronauts, learn about light, build circuits and code programs.

We are most definitely looking forward to this galactic adventure! 



Reading: We set the high expectation of daily reads (following our school homework policy). This needs to be a high quality read (ideally with an adult twice a week). These sessions don’t need to be lengthy, but purposeful and enjoyable for all. At parents’ evening, we sent home some question prompt sheets. Please do use these as having conversations about the text is where the learning truly happens.

Spellings: In school, we follow the No Nonsense spelling program where children get taught sessions on spelling patterns, homophones and common exception words. We send home 10 spellings a week which have been derived from the in house learning. The children are asked to learn how to spell the words, but also how to use them in context. In the test, two of the given words are picked at random for the children to put into a sentence and spell them correctly. Please take time playing with the English language. Some of these words can be tricky to understand if they haven’t been put into context.

Maths: All children have an access code to our activelearn account. The children are set weekly games which complement their Maths weekly learning. In class 4 we often sent home a written sheet as our children do enjoy the extra challenge.

Maths Facts: Every half term, the children are sent maths facts for them to practise. This is to improve their fluency and instant recall of facts. These facts are stuck into the homework books and have useful websites and songs accompanying each challenge to support their learning. The theme of the test is changed each week and the focus is given on the weekly homework sheet, giving the children time to hone their skills!


Useful Links

The children in our class love singing, dancing and moving! We have found BBC Suoermovers to allow them to do this more frequently, while being relevant to their learning.

Hit the Button has been a huge hit with Instant Recall facts! Give it a go. It’s loads of fun.

All the children have a TT Rockstars account. This gives them further opportunities to practise their tables. This is very important as Year 4 children have statutory tests at the end of the academic year.

Autumn 2 plan

Spring 1 plan

Spring 2 plan

Summer 1 plan

Watch us performing our Children In Need dance: