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Winning House Team

Winning House Team


At South Milford primary school, we develop inquisitive, curious scientists through a confidently taught curriculum. South Milford learners are actively engaged through exploratory, investigative and knowledge-based lessons.  Children are able to work scientifically across a well-resourced curriculum whilst making links to other subjects and their knowledge of the world around them. Our children are mini scientists who shine!

Science Week 2021

Science week was excellent! It was amazing to see the whole school excited about being engaged in learning about different areas of science.

Reception and Key Stage 1 were investigating colour and completed experiments to find out about chromatography, colour mixing, camouflage and light.

Year 3 and 4 were investigating oceans, finding out about forces which act on floating vessels, the water cycle and pollution.

Year 5 and 6 were investigating the way that sounds can be made, explaining changes in pitch and volume. They were also studying the way sound travels through solids, air and liquids and designing tests to explore this.

Science Week Exploring Colour EYFS and Key Stage 1

Science Week Year 3 and Year 4 How does it float?

Science Week Year 5 and 6 Let's Investigate

For more information on the Scientific skills and concepts that are taught throughout school, please see our curriculum progression document below: