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Winning House Team

Our Curriculum

We believe that children’s experiences at primary school create the foundations for life.  Here at SMPS, we encourage our children to make the most of every day and each experience. 

We endeavour to provide a curriculum that enables our children to grow in knowledge and skills – while making happy memories along the way.

We believe every child should be given the chance to develop their own talents and a platform on which to shine.

Our children are given the opportunity to nurture a sense of self-worth, confidence, responsibility and respect.  

Our ‘5 a day’ rules enable them to develop kindness and compassion for others.


Using the National Curriculum as a base to offer a breadth of learning, the curriculum at South Milford is tailored to provide our children with knowledge and skills which are progressive – both over the year and throughout their time at the school. This allows all our children to embed their learning and to demonstrate what they know and remember. 


Our curriculum is ambitious: we strive to attain consistently high standards in all subjects. Children’s depth of knowledge and understanding is developed in individual subjects which are linked through common themes. These are built upon over time.  

Our approaches to teaching allow the children to develop inquisitive and questioning minds, alongside a love of learning and a passion to know more. 

Our curriculum is enhanced by techniques of metacognition and collaborative learning structures to deepen understanding.


We want our children: to have a love of learning; to appreciate the arts; to be good sportsmen and women; and to develop a keen understanding of the world around them. 

We believe it is important that our children have a clear understanding of themselves and their place in the world. This includes understanding the past in order to be responsible citizens in the future, as well as developing respect and tolerance for others.


Our sense of community and togetherness is essential to all we do. A number of whole-school events and theme days contribute to uniting our school and helping to promote a shared sense of responsibility, togetherness and fun. 

 We love to sing and dance – our whole school productions are amazing and encapsulate the qualities of teamwork, ambition, nurturing talent and hard work that we value so deeply. 

At SMPS we are constantly seeking opportunities for our children to develop and shine.


Should you wish for more information about our curriculum please contact your child's class teacher in the first instance. 

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If you would like any further information about our curriculum, please complete the contact form below and a member of the staff team will get back to you. Alternatively, please contact the school office for further information. Telephone- 01977 682359 or email