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Winning House Team

Winning House Team

Sport and PE

South Milford Primary School’s ethos is “Shining Together”.


Physical Education plays a vital role in helping us to achieve this statement. Our vision for PE and Healthy Active Lifestyles is for all children to be able to relish taking part in physical activity in PE lessons, at after school clubs, during lunchtime activities, through learning and applying leadership skills and when participating in competitions/festivals. Our high-quality Physical Education provision is developed further through the extra-curricular clubs and sports we offer. 


PE Curriculum

All pupils at South Milford Primary School will reap the benefits of a Physical Education curriculum which encourages all children to participate in exercise, sport, team games and any other physically demanding activities. It will offer all pupils the opportunity to develop their understanding of health, fitness and their knowledge of physical skills. Through participation with sport and games at varying levels, children will have opportunities to embed qualities such as determination, perseverance, respect and fairness.  


Intent: Children at South Milford Primary school are fostered to become life-long learners who are aware of their own social, emotional, physical and well being needs. We work to inspire children and develop a transferrable set of sporting skills that will build through their growing knowledge of the curriculum. 


Implement: Pupils are taught through a high-quality physical education programme ‘Val Sabin’ supplemented with external providers. This allows all pupils to become physically literate whilst giving them opportunities to develop their confidence and competence. We maintain an inclusive approach to encourage well being and physical development. This is provided with engagement in competitive events, curricular and extra-curricular sporting clubs.


Impact: Children are taught to take ownership of their learning; they are inspired to improve their own fitness and well-being. They understand they are responsible for their own health and fitness and they develop their own sense of self discipline. We want to motivate children to become the driving force in their own lives, utilising the skills they have developed throughout their engagement with physical education curriculum and employ them in an effective way to live a happy, active life. 


Profile of Sport

We have worked hard to raise the profile of sport and participation levels within curriculum and extra-curricular physical activity. We have focussed on those children not naturally drawn to sport and achieved this in both key stages. Since 2015 80% of key stage 2 children and 55% of key stage 1 children have participated in a sporting competition/festival. In addition to this, we foster those children who have a true passion/talent for sport and those who demonstrate this by being involved in the wider sporting life of the school and allowing them to compete at higher level competitions. This is accomplished through participation in cluster/district events. Our teams have proudly represented Selby district and competed in the county finals in a range of sports resulting in wins and high scores.


During key stage 2, year 3 swim weekly for a series of 15 weeks during the autumn term. Children in years 4/5/6 who have not achieved the specification of swimming unaided for a sustained period of time over a distance of 25 metres in each stroke also attend these sessions. 


Sporting Opportunities

Pupils are inspired through an exciting engaging curriculum. Many opportunities are provided for children to feel motivated and involved in sport in both curriculum time and extra-curricular activities. 

  • Bespoke clubs: tchoukball, archery, fencing, yoga, street dance

  • Games: football, netball, hockey, basketball, rounders, cricket

  • Individual opportunities: cross-country, golf, sportshall athletics

Furthermore, during weeks dedicated to sport new opportunities have been provided for the children to try and test a range of sporting activities. Children have participated in wheelchair basketball, Bollywood dancing, dodgeball, football skills and dance facilitated by Urban Strides! The teachers were up skilled and pupils enjoyed learning the rules/skills associated with these activities.


Over the past 4 years teachers have been provided with professional development opportunities facilitated by a range of external providers including: rugby; cricket; street dance; basketball; football and dance. This is to ensure staff confidence levels increase and children progress in all areas of the sporting curriculum. Premium funds are also used to employ a high level teaching assistant to deliver high quality physical education across school, teaching pupils in reception, key stage 1 and 2 in sporting activities ranging from athletics to netball. The Val Sabin programme is used across school to ensure a consistent approach for all. 


Results from pupil voice/questionnaires maintain the notion that PE is a popular subject for many children. The curriculum is planned with precision using knowledge of key skills and extra-curricular sporting competitions.  Progress in PE is monitored by teachers; staff and children maintain a positive relationship with a high level of trust due to the intensive nature of sport. This high level of trust is also noted and built upon in the classroom. Children recognise the discipline expected in sport in order to succeed and employ this understanding to their behaviour for learning across a range of other curriculum subjects. The excellent behaviour for learning across school is underpinned by the shared understanding of discipline, respect and team work cultivated during sporting activities. 

Competitive Sport


Competitive sport is a fundamental part of life at South Milford Primary School. In key stage 1 children are selected to compete in cluster competitions in bean bag rounders, cross country and multi skills. In key stage 2, we aim for every child to take part in at least one sporting competition and staff are vigilant when recognising talent in specific pupils. Sporting skills are fostered during PE lessons and through a wide and varied extra-curricular clubs programme delivered before and after school. Strong links are made with community and external providers and both teachers/teaching assistants enjoy leading sporting clubs. 


In key stage 2 we promote a ‘Sports Leaders’ programme supporting our ‘leaders at all levels’ initiative. The pupils are encouraged to plan and deliver a 15 minute sporting activity to a group of children during break times. Leaders also ensure three ‘fit for fives’ are completed using websites such as ‘Go noodle’, ‘Super Movers’ and ‘Cbeebies’. This is in keeping with ensuring the extra 30 minutes of physical activity suggested by the Government is adhered to. 


South Milford Primary School provides a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities throughout the year such as: netball, hockey, football, basketball, rugby, cricket, street dance, athletics and yoga. We enter a wide range of competitions/festivals. Over the last five years we have repeatedly qualified to enter the North Yorkshire finals in Cricket, Netball, Hockey, Swimming and Athletics. We won the country final in Sportshall Athletics (2020) placed third in the county final in Netball (2019) and second in the country final in hockey (2018). In Swimming 4 pupils won the regional competition. Out of 30 schools, they were placed 7th nationally for their mixed relay and 10th nationally for their freestyle relay. 


Sherburn Cluster 

South Milford Primary School is part of the Sherburn Cluster which plans competition/festivals for over 45 primary schools. This gives us the regular opportunity to compete in inter school competitions and make use of quality venues. Sport events that take place: multi-skills, rounders, football, athletics, hockey, swimming, basketball, netball, rugby, cricket and golf. We regularly attend these events and display quality sportsmanship. The children’s accomplishments for participation and successes are celebrated in the ‘shining star’ assembly and through a yearly sportsperson of the year and achievement awards.  


The School Games programme employs young sports leaders in the secondary school to progress in the leadership part of their qualification through supporting primary school events. At events such as Sportshall Athletics, the sports leaders serve as aspirational role models. We believe in the importance of creating strong partnerships across the community: with other pupils when participating in a competitive environment; when sharing transport to events with other local schools and when directing pupils to local sporting clubs. Parents regularly engage with our sporting values, they offer to support with professional development, clubs and transport. They regularly come and support the teams and are always thankful when extra practise sessions are held. This strong relationship has led to much success. 


At South Milford, we thoroughly believe in a strong sporting ethos underpinned by the value of ‘shining together’ as a team, promoting the importance of fostering the development of the whole child. Competitive sport provides the opportunity for all children to develop their discipline, determination and communication skills. This set of transferrable skills is then brought to life across other areas of the curriculum ensuring a lifelong love of learning supported. 

Passing the Shine