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Winning House Team

Winning House Team

Shine Leaders

Our Shine Leader Journey 

Each year 5 pupil was sent home with a peer mediator application, asking for volunteers to become a Shine Leader. Six people took their time to write an in-depth application for the job.

 The training was fun, but was also stimulating for our minds. We indulged ourselves in role-play, writing and performing to help us get a feel of our future jobs in school. Each week we were given different roles to play- the person with the problem or the peer mediators- to see how we would sort out the issues. Although performing with each other was fun, we also took our roles responsibly and sensibly. The two teachers that trained us to be the Shine Leaders we are now were Miss Bee and Mrs Holden. They really helped us come out of our comfort zone, so we were able do our best.

Now as we have become year 6 as official Shine Leaders, we have partners to help us along the way. We are much more confident with helping people with issues they may have. Now we are able to help children: from finding their pencil, to encouraging them to tell an adult about a serious problem at home.

From South Milford’s new Shine Leaders

Maisie, Lottie, Lucy, Tabitha, Rosie and Gracie