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Winning House Team

Winning House Team

Friday 29th March - Red

Year 3

Welcome to Year 3’s class page



We have a number of simple philosophies in Class 3.

  • The children are encouraged to develop independence; to take ownership of their learning and to take pride in all that they do.
  • They are taught how to have a growth mindset; to not be deterred by setbacks or mistakes and to learn from them and persevere.
  • Effort is valued highly and no matter how difficult the task may seem, children are encouraged to give it their best and try.
  • Teamwork is also an essential part of life in Class 3 and the ability to collaborate and co-operate with one another is crucial to our learning.
  • Through high expectations of the children’s behaviour and how they interact with each other, we will build a supportive and fun learning culture.

These simple ideas (independence, resilience, hard-work and teamwork) are the basis for all our learning and the platform that will enable the children of Class 3 to ‘SHINE’!



Class teacher: Mrs Katie Houlden

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Becky Cussans


Tuesday 5th – Friday 29th September Let’s Go Wild

The majority of our work will be based on the novels of Michael Morpurgo as we explore ‘The Butterfly Lion’ and ‘I Believe in Unicorns’.


P.E. days: Monday and Friday.

As part of the Year 3/4 P.E curriculum, the children will undertake a weekly swimming lesson on Friday afternoons.

Please ensure children have both their indoor and outdoor P.E kit which should include suitable footwear for outdoor P.E. Thank you.



The children’s homework will go home on a Friday and should be returned to school the following Wednesday. Homework will always include reading at home, practising SMIRFs (Space Mission Instant Recall Facts) and spelling.

Spellings will be attached to the homework sheet and the children will be tested the following Friday, unless otherwise stated. Children will have up to 10 spellings and they are asked to learn them all in context. Finally the children will have some work to do that has been linked to the ‘topic’. This could possibly be the children’s maths topic and it might be an interactive internet game on the Abacus learning platform. Or it could possibly link to one of our curriculum subjects.


Ideas to support the learning of spellings

  • Look/Say/Cover/Write/Check.
  • Tracing Words- Trace your words in sand, on felt, in the carpet, using your finger.
  • Word Search- Create a word search on the internet. Find your words.
  • Word Hunt- Search for your words in books/texts or around the house. Write your words as you find them.
  • 3 Way Words- Write your words three ways, really big, really small, and in your best handwriting.
  • Word Boxes- Write your words. Then make boxes around each letter. Ex. h a p p y
  • Trace & Spell- Have someone write your words neatly. Trace the words spelling out each letter in the word.
  •  Spelling Sentences- write the word in a sentence.
  • Alphabetical Order- write your words in alphabetical order.
  • Make your words with magnetic letters.



  • It is important that children’s reading is heard and also that children hear and are read lots of stories. It helps with their composition of ideas and enhances their imaginations. Therefore it is essential that children read lots, preferably every night.
  • Please complete the child’s reading record to demonstrate when reading has taken place.
  • Discussing and questioning the text read will also enhance comprehension skills.
  • Children should read a variety of texts, fiction and non-fiction and in different forms e.g. newspapers, graphic novels, poetry etc.



  • Children should be looking to learn and know the 1 to 12 times tables as it expected that they will be fluent in them by the end of year 4.
  • To be able to use the four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Autumn 2 plan

Spring 1 plan

Spring 2 plan

Summer 1 plan

Watch us performing our Children In Need dance: